1915-1920 Antique Dog Ear Football Helmet from Past Time Sports


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The Heavy Dog Ear helmet was one of the most interesting evolution in football helmet history. This was a big step in the development in helmets and better protection; somewhat harder then the “Flat top “, More padding was added and this became the workhorse helmet of the late teens early 1920s era. What is so great about this helmet is that many players still played in it with the flaps up. It was indeed the workhorse WWI into the 1920s for many high school and college and First Pro teams. Hand stitched and had sewn heavy saddle quality leather with a added antique patina this helmet is a must for those who love the charm of the early game. It was a great helmet that you can see almost all of the early University teams playing with in the late teens and early 1920s. Some offered more lining then others. Wear this one as it is made to fit most heads. It has an adjustable simple head harness on the inside that allows the wearer to set for more cushioning by tightening the lacing on the webbing bands. NOTE: HELMET DOES NOT COME WITH A CHIN STRAP AND IS NOT TO BE USED FOR COMPETITIVE PLAY.

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